Southampton Steps to Wellbeing Courses

Southampton Steps to Wellbeing (SSTW), the city's IAPT service offer a number of different therapy options and groups to people experiencing mild to moderate depression and anxiety. Following assessment, the current course offers includes, but is not limited to:

  • Generalised anxiety course – 14 sessions online course for those with generalised anxiety disorder ​
  • Obsessive Compulsive disorder Course – 12 sessions online course Lifting your mood course – 12 sessions online course for those experiencing depression ​
  • Health anxiety course – 8 sessions online course​
  • Social anxiety group - 12 sessions online course​Mums matter group - 12 sessions aimed at mothers with children aged under 3 who are experiencing symptoms of postnatal depression ​
  • Living well with Long Covid course – 6 sessions webinar course​
  • Mindfulness 8-week course – aimed at patients who aim to maintain progress with recurrent, depression, stress or long-term health condition where therapy is not indicated ​
  • Wellbeing with long term health condition – 6 sessions webinar course
  • Managing stress – 6 sessions webinar course​
  • Wellbeing with chronic fatigue course – 12 sessions online course ​
  • Wellbeing with persistent pain course – 10 sessions online course ​
  • Managing low mood - 6-week webinar course
  • Journey to wellbeing - webinar 6 sessions

Self-referral for an assessment is encouraged at:

SSTW are working closely with Enhanced Primary Care Mental Health Teams and are stepping patients-up/down as appropriate between teams.  

SSTW will also be launching a PCN based emotional wellbeing and cost of living crisis webinar for patients to book on to in the New Year and further details will be shared in FYI Friday soon.

Published: Dec 16, 2022