Long Term Conditions Review

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the surgery was unable to provide patients with the usual review process. After 1st April 2022, we changed the way we contacted patients to come in for their annual review and changed the name of the review process to a Long-Term Conditions Review.

The changes meant a more streamlined process was introduced for patients to be reviewed annually for their long-term conditions.

Changes to Annual Review Process for Patients

With our new process, patients are asked to attend the surgery for an initial review appointment with the Healthcare Assistant for bloods, general observations and questions about their health.

For patients with respiratory conditions (i.e.: Asthma, COPD, etc.), they are invited to complete a short questionnaire either online or in paper form to return to the surgery prior to their appointment . In some cases, a face to face “Long-Term Conditions Review” may not be needed.

Following a patient's attendance, a member of the clinical team (either their named GP or specialist nurse) reviews the results of the tests and questions and will take appropriate actions, which could be in the form of a further appointment, a telephone call, or complete the review for the year.


When will I be invited?

The majority of patients will be invited for their Long-Term Conditions Review in the month of their birth. However, due to technical issues beyond our control, we are unable to see patients whose birth month is in March. For these patients, we will contact you in a different month of the year and you will continue to be contacted in the same month for each following year.